How to Book a Bike

You can book a bike in our Patriot Test Centrum rental in several ways: by calendar date, by frame size and - if you are not sure what is a correct size for you - by your height. If you are after a certain type of bike you can filter your selection by bike category. 


1: For booking first select a date and legth of rental in days in a field "1: Date"

2: Then select in a field 2: Frame Size the size of bike you wish to rent or put in your body height. 

3: If you want to limit your selection to certain types of bikes use the field 3: Bike Category

4: Now select your bike in field 4: Available Bikes and confirm by pressing the button "Choose". 

5: In a new pop-up window check that your selection is correct, choose whether you will want to rent a helmet with a bike and choose your pedals of choice. To speed up the pick-up process over your bike, please do put in your body weight. Confirm by pressing the button "Book". 

6: You have not selected your first bike. If you need to rent more bikes you can choose additional bikes by repeating steps 2-5. 

7: You need to finish your reservation process by pressing "Book Bikes" in a right column of the screen. 

8: In a next window you choose a pick-up time. And you can leave a message to us. 

9: Confrim that you agree with the "Terms of Rent" by ticking the field and finish your booking process by pressing a button "Book Now".

10: After few moments you will receive a confirmation email.