Frequently Asked Questions

What size of bike is right for me? 

In the Table No. 2 the reservation form allows you to choose your bike according to your height.

Is it possible to rent a helmet with the bike? 

Yes, you can tick "rent a helmet option" when filling up the reservation form.

What is the length of the rental time? 

You can pick up your bike at the beginning of the opening hours of Singltrek Centrum. You need to return the same day not later then at 18:00.

Can i have keep the bike overnight? 

No. If you have your bike booked for more then one day you need to to return every evening to Singltrek Centrum and pick it up again in the morning next day. It is also not possible to collect your rental bike in the evening a day before your booking. 

Is the rental price lower when i use the bike only for a part of the day? 

No. the price remains the same even if you choose not to use the rental time in full .